Re-envisioning the Design Process


Establishing a personal relationship with our clients is what we do best.


Traditional Process vs. Our Solution


Conventional companies utilize a code based platform, requiring months of tedious effort in order to build a platform from the ground up.

By working on a design based platform, we are able to work effectively and efficiently.


Traditional web development tends to cost anywhere from 5 to 6 figures and requires a team with an extensive backgrounds in web engineering and computer science.

At Lightyear, we redesign existing templates rather than building everything from scratch. This process is quick, professional, and affordable.


Editing a code based website is nearly impossible. In order to make any changes, the web designer must reconfigure the foundation of the entire website; a time consuming and expensive process.

After the project is complete, we work one-on-one with you to show how to easily manage and make changes to your new website.